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slowing down

In a busy society it is easy to lose touch with a number of fundamental human needs, such as identity, creation, participation or understanding, leaving many of us to wonder why we are somehow unhappy even though we are well fed and physically healthy. Slowing down to us means to take time and space to re-connect to oneself and to Life. We do this by having you discover manual activities that engage body and mind and allow you to reflect alone or with others in a safe and beautiful environment.

Seminar topics

Stone carving (from June to November)
Teachers: Ognian Chitakov & Rasho Mitev
During this course you will have the opportunity to smith your own tools, you will learn the basic techniques for working stones and you will have the opportunity to make your own piece of art under the supervision of two talented sculptors. This manual effort will give you the space to reflect on your personal needs and to re-connect to Nature in an overwhelmingly beautiful landscape. There will be time left for excursions in the mountains and neighboring villages.

Wood carving (from June to November)
Teacher: Veska Koleva
This course will give you the opportunity to discover the pleasure of manual work trough the transformation of wood. You will learn about the main wood essences and their physical properties, you will discover the woodcarving tools, gestures and best practices. You will be introduced to the shepherd thread and deep carving methods under the supervision of an experienced woodcarver. A visit to the nearby Kosovo church and Bachkovo monastery will be the opportunity to admire old iconostases.

Links to past events:

Stone carving retreat 2011